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NR-PAN7 & NR-PAN3K Panadapters



The NR-PAN7 is designed to be used with the NRV7 DDS VFO and the Drake TR7 Transceiver. It provides an easy way to ad a panadapter to the TR7 without having to remove any of the TR7's PC boards as is typical for adding a panadapter tap in that radio. The PAN7 duplicates the first IF stage of the TR7 and only requires that the local oscillator from the TR7 be brought out to the adapter. That signal is easily acquired from the bottom of the Parent Board in the TR7 and only requires removing the bottom cover and installing a small buffer board with double sided tape to the Parent board and soldering 3 connections to the board and routing the supplied coax cable out through one of the slots in the bottom cover. The other end of the cable is simply plugged into the jack on the PAN7. The antenna connection is picked up from the RX antenna jack on the back panel fo the TR7 using the supplied cable. There is a cable that then is plugged into the accessory jack on the back of the TR7. That completes the installation of the adapter. A supplied USB cable is use to connect the output of the adapter to the PC or laptop that will be running HDSDR to provide a large spectral display. When the adapter is used with the NRV7 VFO being controlled by Ham Radio Deluxe linked to HDSDR by the DDE connection in the programs it creates a point and click frequency control environment off the spectral display of HDSDR as well as using the freq control components of HRD as well.



The NR-PAN3K is designed to be used with the Yaesu FTdx3000 or 5000 as well as the Ten Tec Orion II with a suitable 9MHz IF tap installed. The installation is a simple plug and play procedure. Three RCA plug terminated cables are plugged into the 3000's 13.8V DC, TX GND and IF OUT plugs on the rear panel. The supplied USB cable is plugged into the PAN3K output and into an unused USB port on the PC or laptop. As with the PAN7, the setup is designed to be used with HDSDR and HRD using the DDE link. The software will provide a point and click freq control environment off the HDSDR display as well as the frequency control elements of HRD.

To use the adpater with a Ten Tec Orion II a tap must be added to the radio to bring out the 9 MHz IF signal. Connections are the same as for the 3000/5000. A suitable modification for this tap is described in an article by VE7TK and can be found easily online.

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