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NRV7 Remote VFO / Station Accessory for the Drake TR7

Add PC control to your TR7 plus easy interface for working the digital modes with a single USB connection to a PC from the built in sound card. It includes a CW Keyer / Keyboard with six 15 character CW memories plus a VOGAD Speech Compressor for  SSB. All this plus a highly stable DDS remote VFO to control the TR7 frequency with SPLIT mode and RIT capability plus 20 tunable memories which are managed from the front panel switches or a PS/2 keyboard that can be plugged into the NRV7. Tuning rate is selectable at a fixed 10 Hz per step or variable speed tuning (VST) depending on tuning knob speed. 

The NRV7 can be controlled from its USB interface by most common PC based rig control programs that can be set for the FT-857 CAT command set.
The NRV7 has been tested to be compatible with Winlog32, Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD), DX Suite and N1MM Logger software. Digital mode operation can be done with programs such as Fldigi or HRD's DM780. A built in VOX circuit in the NRV7 will key the radio's PTT line when the sound card puts out a signal. When paired with the Noble Radio NR-PAN7 Panadapter and used in combination with HRD and HDSDR (HRD linked to HDSDR via its DDE interface) you get a "point and click" frequency system off the HDSDR Spectral display. 

In order to provide an accurate frequency readout of the actual operating frequency the band data from the TR7 must be captured and relayed to the NRV7's software. This is done by adding a single cable to the TR7's Digital Display board located on  the top of the radio. Only the top and bottom covers need to be removed to install the cable. No boards will need to be removed. Installation involves threading the cable through the bottom cover and up onto the display board and then soldering 8 pretinned wires to the large molex type connector at the back left corner of the PCB. 

The NRV7 comes complete with all interface cables so sfter the band data cable is installed it is basically plug and play.










Price $ 495.00

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