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NR-4SCA 4 meter SSB/CW Monoband Tranceiver  










NR-4SCA Transceiver shown with optional NR-SP1 External Speaker


The NR-4SCA is a monoband transceiver for the 4 Meter (70 MHz) band that operates in CW and USB SSB mode. It has a power output of 15W nominal and includes an electronic keyer for CW operation plus a VOGAD speech compressor for increased talk power on SSB. It comes standard with 2 8 pole crystal filters. 2.8 kHz for SSB or CW operation and a 500 Hz filter for CW. Fast or Slow AGC is also selectable and it will also operate in SPLIT mode. Output power is adjustable from a front panel control from around 1 Watt to full output power to allow easy adjustment for driving an outboard power amplifier. There is an amplifier keying jack on the back panel. CW operation can be switched from QSK to semi-break in operation by a rear panel switch. The turn around time for semi-nreakin is determined by the keyer speed. Tuning rate can be set as fixed 10 Hz steps or variable step size which depends on the rate that the tuning knob is turned (VST mode). A fixed level audio signal from the receiver is available at one pin of the Mic connector for interfacing to a PC sound card for digital mode operation.


The NR-6SCA is for 6 Meter operation - 50.0 to 50.4 MHz and 20W output power


An optional hand mic is available as well as the NR-SP1 external speaker











Price $550.00

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