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NRV7 Remote VFO/ Station Accessory  for Drake TR7

The NRV7 is much more than just a remote VFO. Designed to operate with the Drake TR7 Transceiver it also includes a built in CW Keyer with six 15 character CW memories, a PS/2 interface to allow keyboard control of the NRV7 and also send CW. A built in sound card with a single cable USB connection to a PC allows easy digital mode operation. For SSB operation a VOGAD Speech Compressor is also included. But the real power of the NRV7 is the second USB interface that allows the VFO to be controlled from a logging / rig control program. Use a mouse to click the operating frequency right to the VFO for instant QSY. See the YouTube video by Mike, W2BY, of  the NRV7 and PAN7 in operation at

Company News


NRV7B Remote VFO Now Available

DDS VFO and Station Accessory for the Drake TR7 now includes the PAN7 Panadapter integrated into the same enclosure plus a Winkey USB interface as well as an enhanced speech compressor with more control and downward compressing Noise Gate


PAN7 and PAN3K 

Panadapters for the Drake TR7 and the Yaesu FTdx3000/5000 plus Ten Tec Orion II with a 9 MHz IF tap installed



NR-4SCA 4 meter Monoband SSB /

CW Transceiver (NR-6SCA for 6M)



NR-PAN7 and NR-PAN3K Panadapters 

The Noble Radio PAN series of Panadapters can be used to add a wideband

 spectral display to the Drake TR7, the Yaesu FTdx3000 and 5000 as well as the Ten  Tec Orion II with a suitable 9 MHz IF tap installed




Drake TR7 Crystal Filters

Noble Radio Crystal Filters are a cost effective solution to upgrading your TR7 's IF Filter board. Available bandwidths are 4.0 kHz, 2.8 kHz, 1.8 kHz and 450 Hz.

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